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Ariane 6 launches Curium One: space for all

Written by  Tuesday, 18 June 2024 09:00
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Europe’s newest rocket soon launches, taking with it many space missions each with a unique objective, destination and team at home, cheering them on. Whether into Earth orbit to look back and study Earth, peer out to deep space or test important new technologies, Ariane 6’s first flight will showcase the versatility and flexibility of this impressive, heavy-lift launcher. Read on for all about Curium One, then see who else is flying first.

Careful assembly of Curium One flight model
Careful assembly of Curium One flight model

Verification of the transceiver will supply important information for the Libre Space Foundation’s upcoming PHASMA mission. For Planetary Transportation Systems, Curium One will provide the first in-orbit verification of their satellite design for use in planned future missions, boosting PTS’s space development across all of its projects.

“By advancing open-source satellite technology and amateur radio, Curium One will enhance communication infrastructures around the globe as well as provide educational opportunities in space technology,” explains Manolis Surligas, Software Developer at the LibreSpace Foundation.

Because Curium One’s software and hardware are almost entirely open-sourced, students and radio amateurs have already been actively organising and participating in the development of the satellite – several gaining academic achievements for their work.

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