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KRYTEN-M3 - Command & Data Handling

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Developed to deliver ‘always-on’ operation, KRYTEN-M3 computing solutions work every time on time. Flight proven across multiple mission applications for a range of customer requirements, this readily available solution has advanced error detection and correction. Featuring a SmartFusion 2 SoC including Cortex-M3 processor @ 50 MHz delivering 62.5 DMIPS, and enhanced hardware/ firmware recovery mechanisms, the KRYTEN- M3 delivers advanced precision performance for the most demanding nanosatellite missions.

Our reliable space data handling solution is safeguarded with autonomous single event latch-up protections, ADVANCED PRECISION PERFORMANCE delivering high performance computing with integrated cache and Non-Volatile MRAM Memory. All protected by SECDED and EDAC mechanism to guard against radiation effects.

The inclusion of 4 GB of SLC flash memory provides ample space for mission data storage. GPS is available on Kryten-M3- PLUS models.

KRYTEN-M3 is supplied with a BSP including bare metal drivers, comprehensive API reference documentation, a full user manual and thoroughly documented source code.

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