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SIRIUS OBC DEVELOPMENT KIT - Command & Data Handling

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Designed for advanced nano-satellite constellations in LEO and deep space exploration missions the readily available Sirius OBC with LEON3FT delivers ‘always-on’ reliable operations that work every time on time with precision performance. With enhanced error detection and correction, the Sirius OBC is tolerant to Single-Event-Effects (SEE) in logic and data storage. Fault tolerance is secured through TMR (Triple-Modular Redundancy) on all FPGA flip-flops and through boot flash and EDAC (error detection and correction) on memories. The development kit is powered through a mains 12V adaptor, eliminating the need for specialised power supplies or other laboratory equipment.

Sirius spacecraft avionics are modular in design. Modules can be combined to offer redundant configurations, or to simply accommodate mission specific requirements. The Sirius TCM LEON3FT has a standard single string system that consists of an on-board computer (Sirius OBC) and a combined mass memory with CCSDS stack (Sirius TCM). The OBC runs mission specific software and manage the spacecraft system. The TCM receives and stores payload data and platform housekeeping data while at the same time distributing telecommands and serving mass memory data to the transceiver.


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