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Cormorant cubesat transceiver

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Being a crucial component our transceivers provide TT&C functionality while keeping low power consumption and uncompromised functionality built with many years of expertise. As a bonus some very interesting HAM-Radio friendly features are implemented.
Designed by OM1LD.

  • Size: 40mm x 70 mm x 6.5 mm
  • Plug & Fly, easy to use
  • Small-sized and lightweight
  • Frequency range 145 MHz to 440 MHz
  • RF power output up to 30dBm (1W) @ 50Ohm
  • GFSK modulation speed 1200 to 19200 bps (James Miller G3RUH compatible)
  • Compatible with hamradio transceiver Kenwood, Yeasu, Icom and more
  • Compatible with modems Kantronics, SCS and more
  • Support HDLC, AX.25, CSP, NMP, Morse transmitter
  • CSP protocol over I2C, CAN, RS485, UART
  • CSP packet router
  • Integrated hamradio digipeater
  • Custom AX.25 and morse messages transmitter
  • PC104 independent

Other features

  • Broken antenna detector
  • RSSI measurement
  • Ferroelectric RAM data buffer
  • Non-magnetic construction
  • Minimal space needed on the satellite surface (two radio on PC104 PCB board)
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Integrated power bus voltage sensor
  • Integrated onboard battery voltage sensor
  • Radiation-tolerant HW & SW design
  • Bit-flip resistant
  • Internal watchdog
  • Fully configurable through NMP protocol
  • Health statistic data
  • Interface status data, uptime, counters
  • Indication LED for easier integration process
  • Vacuum, vibration and shock environmental tested


Frequency range 145-440 MHz By order.
Comm protocol CSP  
CAN <1 Mbps  
UART or RS485 speed 38400-115200 kbps Configurable by user via CSP KISS encapsulation.
i2c 400 kHz or 100 kHz Configurable by user via CSP.
Analog input (max) 2.5 V Analog in.
Power in 2.7-3.7 V Without fuse/protection!
RF Modulation GFSK G3RUH Compatible
RF Modulation Speed 1200-19200 bps  
RF Power Out - Data max 30 dBm  
Sensitivity <-100 dB Depends by FSK speed.
Master Reset 1 kHz Controlled by GS via CSP.
Morse transmitter 10-30 wpm Configurable by user via CSP
Morse Custom Message Yes Configurable by user, payload or OBC via CSP.
AX.25 Layer Yes Configurable by user via CSP.
AX.25 Custom Message Yes Configurable by user, payload, or OBC via CSP.
AX.25 Digipeater On/Off Configurable by user via CSP.


CAN 1 In/Out Interface (CSP bus) / +5V supply VDDA needed
UART or RS485 1 In/Out Interface (CSP bus)
l2C 2 In/Out 2x Interface (CSP bus)
AA 1 In/Out Analog in
PPS in 1 In Option time input*
General reset 1 Out Reset signal
MMCX 1 In/Out RF Radio Connector
Debug 1 In/Out Debug connector

Additional Info

  • Type: Hardware
  • Area of use: Astronomy
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