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New Galileo service set to deliver 20 cm accuracy

Written by  Tuesday, 24 January 2023 13:41
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Galileo constellation

Galileo’s capabilities have grown with the addition of a new High Accuracy Service, freely available worldwide to anyone with a suitably equipped receiver. Delivering horizontal accuracy down to 20 cm and vertical accuracy of 40 cm, the High Accuracy Service is enabled through an additional level of real-time positioning corrections, delivered through a new data stream within the existing Galileo signal. 

Galileo satellite in orbit
Galileo satellite in orbit

Already the world's best

Europe’s Galileo system – comprising a 28-satellite constellation to date and a worldwide ground segment – is already the world’s most precise satellite navigation service, with its Open Service offering metre-scale accuracy. The European Union and ESA went into partnership to develop Galileo, with ESA as its technical authority – this year the Agency celebrates the 30th anniversary of its first satellite navigation research.

EUSPA is targeting this new Galileo service towards current high-precision applications such as precision agriculture, resource prospecting, land and hydrographic surveys as well as emerging sectors such as robotics, autonomous driving of automobiles, trains, ships and drones and augmented reality gaming and marketing – even formation flying of satellites.

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