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Copernical Team

Copernical Team

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Boston MA (SPX) Feb 03, 2023
If she hits just the right pitch, a singer can shatter a wine glass. The reason is resonance. While the glass may vibrate slightly in response to most acoustic tones, a pitch that resonates with the material's own natural frequency can send its vibrations into overdrive, causing the glass to shatter. Resonance also occurs at the much smaller scale of atoms and molecules. When particles che
Sunday, 05 February 2023 10:54

New ice is like a snapshot of liquid water

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Cambridge UK (SPX) Feb 03, 2023
A collaboration between scientists at Cambridge and UCL has led to the discovery of a new form of ice that more closely resembles liquid water than any other and may hold the key to understanding this most famous of liquids. The new form of ice is amorphous. Unlike ordinary crystalline ice where the molecules arrange themselves in a regular pattern, in amorphous ice the molecules are in a
Sunday, 05 February 2023 10:54

Ghostly mirrors for high-power lasers

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Glasgow, Scotland (SPX) Feb 01, 2023
The 'mirrors' exist for only a fragment of time but could help to reduce the size of ultra-high power lasers, which currently occupy buildings the size of aircraft hangars, to university basement sizes. They have potential to be developed into a variety of plasma-based, high damage-threshold optical elements that could lead to small footprint, ultra-high-power, ultra-short pulse laser syst
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Pasadena CA (JPL) Feb 03, 2023
Creeping from just a finger's width up to a few feet per year, slow-moving landslides occur naturally throughout the world. They typically are detected inching downslope in rocky areas with high seasonal precipitation and clay-rich soil, and they can take months to years - even centuries - to develop. Yet they can also bring sudden violence. Thousands of landslides are flowing, slipping, topplin
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Yorktown Heights NY (SPX) Feb 03, 2023
IBM (NYSE: IBM) and NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center have announced a collaboration to use IBM's artificial intelligence (AI) technology to discover new insights in NASA's massive trove of Earth and geospatial science data. The joint work will apply AI foundation model technology to NASA's Earth-observing satellite data for the first time. Foundation models are types of AI models that a
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Kirtland AFB NM (SPX) Feb 03, 2023
The Air Force Research Laboratory's, or AFRL, newest sensor experiment deployed from the International Space Station Dec. 29, 2022, hosted on NASA's six-unit cube satellite named petitSat, or Plasma Enhancements in the Ionosphere-Thermosphere Satellite. The CubeSat's mission is to study a layer in Earth's upper atmosphere known as the ionosphere to provide insight into space weather distur
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Almaty, Kazakhstan (SPX) Feb 03, 2023
OneWeb, a company specializing in low Earth orbit satellite communications, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Kazakhstan National Railways Company "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" to investigate providing high-speed, low-latency broadband satellite connectivity to railway stations and rolling stock throughout Kazakhstan. This collaboration aims to enhance the connectivity and
Sunday, 05 February 2023 02:22

Sidus Space closes public offering

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Cape Canaveral FL (SPX) Feb 03, 2023
Sidus Space, Inc. (Nasdaq: SIDU), reported Friday the closing of its underwritten public offering of 17,250,000 shares of its Class A common stock (or pre-funded warrants (the "Pre-Funded Warrants") in lieu thereof, which included the full exercise of the underwriters' over-allotment option. Each share of Class A common stock was sold to the public at a price of $0.30 per share. The gross
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Long Beach CA (SPX) Feb 03, 2023
Virgin Orbit (NASDAQ: VORB) and Poland-based satellite manufacturer SatRev announced a follow-on launch services agreement (LSA) for additional launches of SatRev's satellites in 2023 and beyond. This new agreement provides SatRev with the flexibility to launch 500 kg over multiple launches to a variety of different orbital planes from the Mojave Air and Space Port in California, USA and/o
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Heidelberg (SPX) Feb 03, 2023
A team of astronomers led by MPIA scientist Diana Kossakowski have discovered an Earth-mass exoplanet orbiting in the habitable zone of the red dwarf star Wolf 1069. Although the rotation of this planet, named Wolf 1069 b, is probably tidally locked to its path around the parent star, the team is optimistic it may provide durable habitable conditions across a wide area of its dayside. The absenc
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